Twenty-Fourth Virtual Encounter with Outstanding Mathematicians

The twenty-fourth Virtual Encounter with Outstanding Mathematicians took place on Friday, July 9th, 2021 from 12 pm until 1 pm. Dr. Adriana Sanchez, Professor and Researcher at the University of Costa Rica, was our invited speaker. This virtual event was free and open to the general public.

On this twenty-fourth Encounter, Dr. Adriana Sanchez shared anecdotes of her personal life and her professional journey as a female mathematician, in which she highlighted that studying mathematics gave her the opportunity to travel to many different countries like France, Croatia and even India. The speaker also presented on “Fractals in Nature,” in which she shared examples of fractals in food, in leaves, in flowers, in animals, in trees, in lightning, in rivers, in mountains, in our bronchi, in our neurons and in our veins. Dr. Adriana Sanchez then described the Julia Set, the Mandelbrot Set, the Sierpinski Triangle, the Sierpinski Carpet and the Koch Snowflake. The speaker also showed several applications of fractals, such as in landscape modeling, in telecommunications and in fashion.